Guidance Policy

All staff is trained to implement effective, appropriate, developmental guidance and discipline plans for their classrooms.  Your child’s teacher will familiarize you with this plan. Clear, consistent expectations, positive guidance, and logical consequences help children develop lifelong pro-social skills. Children are encouraged to develop language skills that help them to communicate their needs and feelings. 
In the event, a child misbehaves, absolutely no corporal punishment is ever condoned. In addition, discipline is never tied to food or toileting. Children are treated respectfully and only positive avenues are utilized in the development of appropriate behavior.

The following positive actions are our policy in problem-solving:
* Prevention
* Encourage verbal expressions
* Re-direction
* Clear, direct explanation
* Diversion
* Explanation of responsibility for his/her actions
* Suggest alternate solution for problem
* Removal from situation
We encourage Parent-teacher conferences as a way to keep communication open. It is our firm belief that the school and the parents must be a trusting and cooperative team and work together to share information, progress, and expectations. 

Our focus at school is the social, emotional, and cognitive development of the children in our care. Potty training is a process, which requires the cooperation and patience of both the teacher and the parent. At Gingerbread, we work with parents by assisting them in toilet training their child. Consistency, routines and positive guidance are essential during this phase of a child’s life.  It is important that we know at the time of enrollment if your child is not toilet trained.

Potty Training