So what makes our program successful?
It’s a time-tested combination of these

key elements… 

  • Wonderful Teachers

We believe the strength of our program begins with our talented, professional team of early childhood educators. They are chosen carefully, not only for their education and experience but for the special qualities they possess as individuals.

  • A Balanced Learning Approach 

Your child is engaged and having fun, not even aware of all the learning that’s occurring. Our program promotes the intellectual, physical, and emotional growth through the joy of discovery.

  • A Unique Curriculum

As children’s ideas and skills build with each stage of development, our curriculum is designed to challenge and enhance this continuous growth. It includes goals and objectives while leading us through the process of planning and implementing each day. Following the fundamental principle that play is the key way that children learn, we offer experiences that embrace children’s natural sense of curiosity. 

  • A Guided Assessment System

Ongoing assessments are conducted by our teachers to identify the children’s abilities. This promotes more focused teaching with an intentional approach.

  • Safe, Happy, Nurturing Environment

Children thrive in safe, healthy, and loving environments. With that in mind, our centers have been designed to provide a place where children can exercise their curiosity and explore while feeling secure and relaxed.

  • Daily Communication

We believe that ongoing communication between the parent and the staff is crucial to a positive experience for all of our families. There are several ways this is accomplished.

​At Gingerbread School, we understand the importance in providing a solid educational program. Experiences during the first five years of a child’s life are extremely important as 90% of the brain is developing during that time.

To nurture the whole child, we offer a variety of learning experiences in all areas that are critical for healthy development and future academic success.  Building this foundation requires a cohesive approach integrating gross and fine motor development, social-emotional development, language development, and creative expression.