A curriculum is like a roadmap; it helps us get where

we want to go.

As children’s ideas and skills build with each stage of development, our curriculum is designed to challenge and enhance this continuous growth. Following the fundamental principle that play is the key way that children learn, we offer experiences that embrace children’s natural sense of curiosity. 
Our curriculum is comprised of several sources and reflects the latest research on child development and effective practices. We mainly use the ‘Creative Curriculum’ and the ‘High Scope Preschool Curriculum’.  They provide goals and objectives that help lead the teachers through the process of planning and implementing each day.
Another very special addition is our very own, ‘Gingerbread Puppet Land Program’. Our puppets provide a completely unique, and incredibly versatile tool that has been a hallmark of our program since the school's inception.   The puppets are woven into many parts of the day and are especially helpful in the areas of language, literacy, theme concepts and character development. 
For additional new and creative ideas, teachers will utilize Gingerbreads extensive library of resources and of course, the internet. The culminating result is a program that provides rich, developmentally appropriate experiences for all the children in our care! 
Gingerbread School incorporates themes within the curriculum. This means that each skill area of the curriculum is connected to a topic which we refer to as a theme. Because learning is an integrated process, we believe that a theme-based curriculum promotes the ability for children to make deeper connections and acquire a better understanding of the subjects we study.

A curriculum is like a road map…